Troubleshoot My Airconditioner

Why is it important to wash my filter? 


This filter protects the indoor machine from dust, which everyone’s home is full of! This dust accumulates on the indoor coil and creates a thick black sludge which when kept in a dark moist environment can become toxic and full of bacteria. This sludge will then contaminate the air to which it distributes throughout the house and we breath, gross right!


It will also will block up your drain which will leak and flood your ceiling potentially causing thousands of dollars. All this for 5 mins of washing your filter!


My air conditioner is leaking?


Unfortunately if your air conditioner is leaking you will need to contact us to fix this for you, this involves pulling apart the machine to clean the coil, flush the drains and apply anti-bacterial solution.


There is no power to my air conditioner, it won’t turn on, why?


This could be one of many issues, the one thing you could do to try and solve it is to make sure the circuit breaker at electrical box is switched on. Even if it looks on, reset it and make sure there is no power, if it is tripped however and you decide to turn it on and it trips again, call us to come look, don’t risk your safety!


My air conditioner is not blowing cold air?


This could be one of many issues, including a gas leak or a mechanical failure. We suggest resetting the circuit breaker to reset the machine in case there was a minor fault. Wait a couple mins before turning breaker back on.


• Make sure it is set to cool

• Set to a comfortable temperature

• Fan speed on high/constant if possible


Turn machine back on and wait 5 mins before declaring war! Most systems have a safety that will not allow the compressor to start until 5 mins after you have requested it, this is to prevent you or a child turning it on and off fast like a light costing you too much money.


If this works that’s great! But if it works for 5-10 mins then stops again, don’t force the issue, you will cause more damage, get us out to look at problem.


Why does my air conditioner smell bad?


This is usually caused by a few things such as


• Cigarette smoke (tar on coil)

• Dust build up on coil

• Poor positioning of return air

• Cat/possum decay in duct (this happens too much, they get lost in ducting after forcing their way in)


Try to identify what smell it best represents from above and see if you can solve it by removing it, if not we are happy to identify it for you by coming to you and going through it.


Why is my outdoor air conditioner unit not running?


This could be as easily solved as resetting the air conditioner or it could be one of many reasons. This is usually a safety that has tripped and thus the machine won’t run in order to protect itself from any mechanical damage or electrical fire. If after resetting the machine it still does not run, please call us.

What is a back to back install?

This is where an indoor unit for a hi wall split system shares the same wall as the outdoor unit as shown below, and generally is under 3m of pipe length, with unit at ground level (brackets can cost extra), single story structure

 Back to back Install example

I have a question about my air conditioner, who do i call?


We are a proud to call New South Wales home and if you want to call us and ask us any question about your air conditioner, feel free to do so. There is no better place on earth than NSW, and to do our bit to keep it that way we are happy to help our fellow New South Welshman with what we can. Contact us now!

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