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We Only Recommend brands that we have the upmost faith in. As a business that has been operational for over 20+ Years we know a thing or two about brands that will serve our customers the longest when taken care of as a result our Recomended brands are as follows. These are strong and robust brands that should they fail in the future are quite easy to source spare parts for. Did you know that some brands will only stock spare parts for its systems for only 10 years! now that is not a company we would want to be associated with. 


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air conditioning                                                                               Actron Air conditioning


Daikin Air conditioning

Jay's Air conditioning & Ventilation strives to serve you with only the highest quality in products, from our materials to the air conditioning units we provide. Based on our vast experience and equally important is what clients feedback on the 'best air conditioning brands' are out there.


In our experience these units provide quality buildmanship that when taken care of, long exceed warranty periods of 5 years (domestic). They also exceed energy efficiency standards set by the Australian Government, with Inverter technology saving you money and the environment at the same time Win-Win Right! Our air conditioning units always offer both heating and cooling, unless otherwise specified. 


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