Energy Saving Tips

With electricity prices constantly on the rise it is crucial your keep energy consumption low. We have some great tips to help lower you air conditioner energy consumption.


 Shut windows and external doors when operating the air conditioner

 Minimise the area being cooled or heated by shutting doors to unused rooms, and if you have zones, eliminating those areas not in use. 


 Many buildings can easily reduce lighting without affecting productivity. Turn off as many unnecessary lights as possible during working hours and make sure all lights are turned off after hours

 Regularly clean filters

 Locate the external section of the air conditioner (compressor) away from direct sunlight, and with good air flow around it

 Set the thermostat between 24 and 27°C in summer and 18 and 21°C in winter

 Reduce the amount of hot/cold air entering the building by shading windows and walls, insulating ceilings and walls and sealing draughts

 Open up windows and external doors if the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature, instead of using the air conditioner.

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