Energy Saving Tips

With rising electricity costs and growing concerns about environmental impact, it's crucial to maximize energy efficiency when operating your air conditioner. This guide offers comprehensive advice on minimizing energy consumption, reducing utility bills, and promoting eco-friendliness while keeping your space comfortably cool or warm.


  1. Properly Seal Doors and Windows:

When it comes to energy efficiency, sealing your home is paramount. Ensuring that doors and windows are properly sealed will prevent unwanted heat exchange between your indoor space and the outdoors. Use weatherstripping or sealants to close any gaps or cracks around doors and windows, saving you both energy and money.


  1. Zone Your Space:

Minimize the area being cooled or heated by shutting doors to unused rooms. If your air conditioning system supports zoning, take advantage of it. Zoning allows you to control specific areas independently, ensuring that you're only cooling or heating the spaces that are in use, resulting in significant energy savings.


  1. Maintain Clean Filters:

Clean air filters are essential for efficient air conditioner operation. Dust and debris accumulation can obstruct airflow, forcing your AC to work harder. Regularly clean or replace your filters to ensure optimum performance. For detailed guidance, refer to our video on how to clean air conditioner filters. Read more on Maintenance here


  1. Strategic Placement:

Install the external section of your air conditioner (the compressor or condenser) away from direct sunlight, and ensure there's ample airflow around it. This positioning reduces the workload on your AC unit, as it won't need to struggle against excessive heat.


  1. Optimal Thermostat/Controller Settings:

Set your thermostat within the recommended temperature range. For summer, aim for 24-27°C, and for winter, 18-21°C . Avoid extreme settings, as they can significantly impact energy consumption.


  1. Natural Temperature Control:

Take advantage of natural temperature fluctuations. If the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature, open windows and external doors instead of relying on your air conditioner. Let nature help you maintain comfort without increasing your energy usage.


  1. Smart Timers:

If your air conditioner has a timer feature, utilize it wisely. Set the timer to turn off the AC when it's not needed, such as during cooler nights or when you're away from home. This can result in substantial energy savings over time.


  1. Regular Maintenance:

Scheduled maintenance is crucial to keep your AC in top shape. An efficiently running system consumes less energy. Ensure you schedule annual service checks to keep your unit working optimally. Read more on Maintenance Here


By implementing these energy-saving strategies, you can lower your air conditioner's energy consumption, reduce utility costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Small changes in your cooling and heating habits can make a big difference, ensuring your comfort while protecting your wallet and the environment.

Regularly clean filters see our video on how to clean filters



Keeping Warmer in Winter


Its getting harder these days with electricity going up constantly and as Aussies we not accustomed to the cold climate like our Northern Hemisphere neighbours. So here are a few tips to keep warmer during winter and to help reduce your energy bill;


1. First lets start with your air conditioner thermostat, in winter lets keep the temperature down, we recommend around 20 degrees, or lower if you are stronger than us! Every 2 degrees less can save you $150 per year, so it all adds up!


2. If your air conditioner has a timer, set is so that it will turn off if you don't need it.


3. Wear warmer clothes, or an extra blanket and put some thicker socks on


4. Close room doors you don't want heated and save $160 a year on energy.


5. Seal Draughts and gaps around doors and windows and save $140 a year on energy.


6. At night close your curtains and blinds, but let the sun shine in during the day to welcome wanted heat.


7.  If you have an unused fire place, block it off to prevent draughts coming down, Leave a gap for Santa though!


8. Insulation is a great year rounder and investment for your house, this will reduce the need to spend energy you don't need to. Especially in your ceiling this can save you $850 a year on energy.


Did you know that up to 35% of your homes heat can escape through your doors, windows, walls, floors and ceilings.

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